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Scottish Carp Group

Future & Development of the SCG

When the Scottish Carp Group formed back in the 80's, Otters were very rare and up until recently our waters suffered very little with predation from Otters. In recent years, there has been an assisted recovery of the Otter population. With Otters being fully protected by the law we have had no defence from these very efficient apex predators that have quickly become widespread, much faster than we could imagine. Virtually all of our waters have recently suffered from Otter predation which has meant our once very sustainable long term stocking plan is no longer valid. Other pressures are also on our waters with poaching by people taking fish for the pot! becoming another serious problem. We have now increased membership fees to cover increased stocking demands and develop new fully fenced fisheries, all very expensive but essential for the future of the Scottish Carp Group.

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New, Fully Fenced Waters - The Future

To move forward, we must find waters that can be fully fenced that will become the future of the Scottish Carp Group. To do this we need the help of our members by looking for possible waters that might be available and sending us the details along with any contact information if possible. We would also like to know if any of our members have skills that might help in the creation of new waters, such as - digger drivers, fence contractors & property/legal experts. If you think you can help please contact us.

After a number of kind people have expressed their wish to donate money towards our stocking and development fund, we have decided to introduce a paypal donation button to make it easy for anyone wishing to support the SCG with a donation. Hugely appreciated however large or small and many thanks from all at the SCG for any donations made.

Supporting the Scottish Carp Group with a donation